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The aim of The Beer Seekers project is to be a crossroads where different types of art or cultural expression can intersect with gastronomy, including craft beer.

We will focus on the objects themselves (book, disc, beer…) but we will also talk about the people behind them.

Our ultimate goal and pleasure is to share enriching experiences with all of you.

The Beer Seekers

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The Beer Seekers project has been developed with the purpose of promoting craft beer culture (linked to the gastronomy, economy, use of locally produced ingredients, support for responsible consumption, and respect for natural processes) as well as culture in a broad sense. We intend to do that through the integration of both areas in just one: The Beer Seekers website. We would love to introduce you to new microbreweries, and at the same time we would love to acquaint you with new music labels, publishers or works of art. To achieve this goal on The Beer Seekers website we propose you a challenge with our “gastro-cultural” pairings which promote the savoring, in equal parts, of literature, music, or films and craft beer in a coordinated way, allowing us to enhance the consumer’s global experience.


We want to develop a space where people as well as projects, coexist. We would like to create a ¨no man´s land¨ a ¨twilight zone¨where the barriers disappear. A zone where people who might arrive with a particular interest or idea could leave enriched with several others. This is a place where labels, publishers, artists and beer producers can connect in a relaxed and spontaneous way with their audience.


We want people to know everything that the labels, publishers, artists, etc., have to tell them, as well as the people behind the projects. We don’t want to just describe the objects, we want to try to transmit the experience of enjoying them in a multifaceted way. Finally we will try to entertain, educate and inform all those who visit The Beer Seekers website.


If you have a craft brewery, a cultural project, a label, a gallery… You can find a space here for you. Here is a link in case you would like to talk to us about what we can do together.